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Hi, I'm Brandy!

Your Texas originated women who is here to point you to Jesus Christ, and cheer you on as you evolve into the person He made you to be.

I truly believe with everything in me that each person was created and is gifted for very special and unique purposes.


With that, I’ll say that I have a healthy habit of seeing and calling out greatness from within people in whom I have the opportunity of meeting.


 And let me tell you, I literally thrive in hearing all about visions, goals, and God dreams that shine His light in dark places.


THEN, absolutely love to assist in creating a well thought out, planned out, and prayed about road map that helps lead people to those God dreams! For lack of better terms, a Holy Spirit hype girl, with all the bells and whistles. *wink*

Our days are numbered and we have a unique race to run, with a goal to hear “well done

With that being said, I cannot wait to get to know you, and lace up with you!

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